Hot tubs

Our tubs will not only help you to relax, but can also become a healthy and fun tool for leisure.

Medical researches have proven that bathing in a tub with hot water has a positive effect on blood circulation and improves activity of internal organs; temperature differences improve the immune system, relax the central nervous system and therefore improve sleep quality and accelerate thinking.


Moreover, our tubs are ecological, as they are made of natural wood only, which is prevented from moisture by using natural linseed oil, and a tub is fastened by using stainless steel for reinforcement.

Our tubs will retain their good condition for at least 15 years, and we do officially guarantee this. Our skilled craftsmen produce each tub by hand, so there is no likelihood that the tub would leak or gather moisture. Durability is also ensured by the fact that tubs are made from larch and Siberian fir trees, which stand out for their resistance to temperature differences and bacteria, as well as water impact – do not mould, comparing with other types of wood.

1kubilasrausvasbydgfotografijaOur tubs are easy to use. We want it to be both convenient and easy for you to get in and out of a hot tub, to heat and run water; therefore we have developed a special design of our product.

Our tubs do not require much care and maintenance. In order to fully enjoy the pleasures of hot tub, you will only need to replace water once every two months and clean the inside of the tub, using sponge and clean water.

We completely assemble and prepare tubs for instant use. We will help you to select, and will assemble the most suitable heater for the chosen hot tub. As a result, the proper water temperature for bathing will be reached by using less firewood.

Upon your request, we can make additional hot tub accessories, which will allow you to experience all pleasures of hot tubs: hot tub covers (helping to hold the heat), towel racks, trays for beverages (which can either float on the surface of water or be mounted on a tub itself), steel heater cleaning tools.

We can produce a new design hot tub according your individual needs. We give you an opportunity to own exclusive tubs with a unique design and (or) individual elements, e.g. we can paint a hot tub with a color, matching your house facade, or we can put a stainless steel name-plate, logo, or any desired sign, etc.

We provide a five-year warranty for heaters. Our wood-fired heaters are made of high quality, firepoof metal, so we can assure that they won’t rust or burn out.kubilo-vidus-plastikas

Due to their special design, our heaters radiate heat for a long time with only a couple of armfuls of firewood. Water in a hot tub cools down by 1 degree Celsius during 2.5 hours, given
that outside temperature is at 0 degrees Celsius.

Wooden hot tub sets include stainless steel chimney flues.Our chimneys are durable, because frames are made of 0.6cm thickness material, called molybdenum, which is resistant to temperature differences.

Design of our chimney flues allows getting the heater, as well as the water in a tub, heated very quickly, and also protects people from smoke, even with an uncertain direction of the wind.

Our tubs are robust and resistant to high water-pressure. Each tub is reinforced with an additional third stainless steel band, thus one tub can hold a weight of up to 3.5 tones of water and people.



Wooden tubs

Wooden tubs

Hot tubs from high quality Spruce or Larch

Plastic tubs

Plastic tubs

Hot tubs made from 5 mm polypropylene and 27 mm wood paneling.

Wooden tubs with plastic shell

Wooden tubs with plastic shell

Hot tubs made from 5 mm polypropylene and 47 mm wood paneling.


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