Grill houses

Grill house is an eye-catchinggrill-namukasgrill-namukas and practical wood building which can be used year-round. It comes with a set of indoor grilling equipment (grill with shelves, cooking equipment and chimney) and wooden benches. Besides, it has a roof overhang that will protect the door from the sun and precipitation. Overall, grill house is a stylish hexagon-shaped building which will look good in your backyard and enrich your leisure time. It is best for groups of 2-10 people.


  • Height 3 m (at its highest point)
  • Width 2,85 x 2,85 m/3,46 x 3,46 m/4,34 x 4,35 m. Exterior: Grill house will be made from the wood of your choice: Siberian spruce, Siberian larch or thermo wood. Its outside walls (45 mm thick) will be impregnated and painted in your selected colour. You may as well choose your preferred colour of the roof: black, green, red or brown. Wooden door can be made with or without a window. Floorboards (40 mm thick) will be laid over an impregnated foundation frame and floor joists. We offer hopper windows (with grids) that are durable and airtight.

Interior: Grill house has a built-in grilling equipment (with exterior chimney and chimney cap) and hexagon-shaped table (surrounding the grill) that creates space for more people to enjoy their time together.


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