Triangular saunas

Triangle-shaped sauna is characterized by its unconventional design and layout that create innovative atmosphere. It is 240 cm in height and 235 cm in width (at its widest point), sauna‘s length may be customized from 200 cm to 600 sauna Sauna will be made from the wood of your choice: Siberian spruce, Siberian larch or thermo wood. Either electrical or wood burning heater (with external or internal feed) can be installed in the sauna. Besides, our standard sauna models may be customized for customers’ needs by installing individual accessories.

Full standard sauna kit includes:

  • Sauna foundation;
  • walls (45 mm thick);
  •  bitumen roof (in your selected colour);
  •  outside walls (impregnated and painted in your selected colour);
  •  door with a lock;
  •  casement window in the back wall;
  •  wooden door (with or without a window);
  •  separate rooms (steam room, changing room, shower room);
  •  clamping bands;mobile sauna
  •  sauna heater;
  •  heat-resistant plate for the heater;
  •  chimney and chimney cap for a wood burning heater;
  •  sauna benches;
  •  decorative cornice

Accessories / upgrades:

  • Wood burning sauna heater (external feed)
  •  Semi-panoramic glass wall (half glass wall)
  •  Panoramic glass wall (full glass wall)
  •  Glass door
  •  Water reservoir
  •  Overhead lightning with a switch
  •  Overhead lightning and under bench lighting with a switch
  •  Thermal insulation (cotton wool + foil)
  •  Outside terrace (in customized measurements)
  •  Black alder wood or linden wood panelling of the sauna’s interior walls


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