Wooden tubs

Wooden tubs

Hot tubs from high quality Spruce or Larch

Spruce hot tubs are high quality. However, they are cheaper than any other wooden tubs. Due to its relative resistance to water, spruce wood is suitable for all bath-related devices. Spruce is relatively lighter than other types of wood; as a result, spruce hot tubs can be easily moved from one location to another. Being properly maintained, spruce outdoor hot tubs may serve up to 15 years or even longer.

Siberian larch is extremely durable. When properly maintained, it is only slightly affected by water and temperature differences. Such hot tubs can be used for 20 years or even longer. Larch hot tubs look luxurious. They may become a perfect decoration of a yard or any other area. The color and wood pattern resemble most expensive types of wood; therefore, such hot tubs have high conservation value.

Hot tub diameter:45mm-medis-copy

  • 160cm diameter best for 3 – 5 people;
  • 180cm diameter best for 4 – 6 people;
  • 200cm diameter best for 6 – 8 people;
  • 220cm diameter best for 8 – 10 people;

Wooden hot tubs are sold with full kit or custom:

  • Wooden hot tub;
  • 3 clamping bands from stainless steel;
  • Stainless steel heater;
  • 2 meter chimney;
  • Ash scoop (only for inside oven);
  • Two-piece wooden cover for tub;
  • Stairs for entry;
  • Paddle to stir water;
  • Wooden bar for drinks (bottle holder);
  • Thermometer.

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