We produce and sell wooden sauna-tubs with wooden 3%d0%b0
and electric heaters. You can choose sauna-tubs made of spruce, larch or thermo wood.

Our saunas’ dimensions ensure that 4 – 16 people can
comfortably use them at the same time:

  • Sauna’s diameter 2.2 meters;
  • Sauna’s length – from 2.5 meters to 6 meters;
  • Wooden bench seating inside – from 2.0 meters to 5.5
    meters length;
  • Length of benches outside on a terrace – 0.5 meters.

Our saunas are durable due to high-quality wood and design 16
which has been used in practice for many years:

  • Sauna-hot tub wall thickness 45 mm
  • Additionally reinforced stainless steel belts

You can choose between hot steam or dry (Finnish type)

For hot steam we can offer HARVIA M3 wood sauna stove. Electric sauna heaters are used for Finnish saunas.

Our sauna barrel come with all the accessories – fully assembled.

For customers that have other needs, we can manufacture 23
individual size, shape houses.

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