Wooden shower cabins

Wooden shower cabins

Our company manufactures and sells unique design and construction wooden shower cabins for outdoor and indoor use.

Our shower cabins are of high quality natural materials.

For cabin bases we use natural wood according your needs – Siberian fir, pine larch, thermo wood. Certified stainless steel is used for connecting and reinforcing.

Wooden shower cabins are durable and do not require special care.

Our shower cabins are protected from moisture and environmental impact. Basic hygiene and regular washing is sufficient for using shower cabins for at least 10 years.

dusas8Wooden shower cabins – a convenient solution to take baths during hot season.

Wooden shower cabin do not take up too much space. Shower cabins design allows to either set it in a courtyard or to integrate with the swimming pool or outdoor wooden hot tub.

This shower can be easily connected to any water heaters – solar heated water boilers or other water heating systems.

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